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Classic Story Readers Level 4 link with A2 in the CEFR levels, and Key in the Cambridge Exams. Stories at this level have a word count of 6,000-11,000 words. Overall page count is 76-108 pages. At launch, Level 4 consists of five titles: The Adventure of the Red Circle, The Canterville Ghost, Black Beauty, The Secret Garden, and A Christmas Carol.

Level 4 readers are intended for children who have studied English for three years or more. Some titles are classed as ‘short reads’ and some as ‘long reads’. ‘Short reads’ suit less confident readers, ‘long reads’ suit more confident ones. You can also use the individual word count of each book to decide on the best reading order. Whatever level of reading confidence children have, the fascinating stories and enchanting illustrations will get them interested in following the storyline and enhancing their vocabulary. Click on each story to read about their individual features.

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Arthur Conan Doyle

 6,436 words  (short read) 

The Adventure.png
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Oscar Wilde

 7,677 words  (short read) 

The Canterville Ghost.png
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Anna Sewell

 9,231 words  (long read) 

Black Beauty.png
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Frances Hodgson Brunett

 9,887 words  (long read) 

The Secret Garden.png
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Charles Dickens

 10,725 words  (long read) 

A Christmas Carol.png
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