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Business & Leadership

Success in any enterprise ultimately comes down to the quality of the leadership. Visible Press seeks to provide insightful, reflective and relevant resources that are based on sound practical experience. Our aim is to encourage and support while also challenging leadership in a global environment where change is rapid and where creative, innovative and considered responses are essential to not simply survive but to thrive.

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A Consideration of Creativity and the Role of Convergent and Divergent Thinking

In our rapidly changing world of diminishing resources, problem-solving and creative thinking are becoming increasingly important. Educators have a responsibility to forward-think and prepare our young people to face these challenges. In schools, whilst we aim to develop creativity in our students, we do not apply this same philosophy to our leaders. In this book Francesco Banchini brings together research on both leadership and creativity, questioning to what extent leaders use creativity and how a consideration of creativity can improve our practice within learning communities.....

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